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Dr. Roch

Who is
Dr. Roch?

Human Behavior Neuroscientist Speaker, Consultant, and Entrepreneur

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Expand your Wise Self



Reach your maximum personal development by living one-on-one experiences with Dr. Roch, each offering a different approach to your emotional, interpersonal, social, and professional growth.

Thymus Reading Mastery in Yourself Consultation with Dr. Roch


Live a unique experience alongside other greatness makers in the group seminars we have for you. They are held only once a year, so don't miss them!

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Dr. Roch

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Direct Broadcast with Dr. Roch

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A continuing education program, where every week, with Dr. Roch, you will be able to explore topics for your personal, social and professional growth.

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Discover Dr. Roch's selection of books, where he explores different topics related to professional, personal, relationship and Thymus growth.

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Are you looking to improve your life's personal and professional aspects at a more relaxed pace? Please get to know the online courses we offer you.

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Dr. Roch

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The mind takes us out of reality and makes us suffer by convincing us of its lies. My job is to put into words the information you have within your wise self that reads into your reality accurately.

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"Personally, the Mastery on Yourself program that I took with him was a process of personal growth that has completely imprinted in my life, it helped me grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. I am very grateful for this opportunity."

Paloma González International Director of Organizational Development, Grupo FEMSA

"We are pleased to have worked with Dr. Roch and his team in more than 19 of our events, with a quorum of more than 9,000 people. They know how to transmit very complex concepts in a very simple, friendly way and with a good sense of humor."

Pablo Moch Ph.D. General Director, Casas GEO

"I was impressed with the way he explains his ideas through various teaching resources, but most important is the depth of his concepts."

Rogelio Salcedo Corporate Director of International Human Resources, CEMEX

"He helped me to have a better relationship both professionally and with my loved ones. Above all, working with him was a very pleasant experience."

Helena Vaca Anaya Nuestra Belleza Guanajuato 2010

"It helped me a lot to be better with myself, with my family and with my partner, I highly recommend it."

Silvia Vargas CEO, Madero Restaurante-Cafe (Pachuca-Cdmx-Toluca-Metepec)

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