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Reality Shot

The mind takes us out of reality and makes us suffer by convincing us of its lies.

What is the Thymus Reading?

All the lies in your mind are in your favor and erase reality. Reality always imposes itself. It makes you suffer because it does not coincide with the madness of your mind. With what you expected, with what you thought had happened.

The Reality Shot helps you to have actual results in front of everything that happens to you. It gives you information inside your spirit (Thymus) that reads reality flawlessly.

My job is to put into words the information you have inside your wise self. It reads your reality accurately.

– Dr. Roch

Do you want a Reality Shot (Thymus Reading)?


  1. Receive information about your current situation realistically without the interpretations of your mind that lie in your favor.
  2. Drop the garbage and mental lies that generate emotional suffering.
  3. To have a clear, realistic, and personal course of solution.

Do you want to improve your reality without lies or excuses?

Resolve what creates conflict in you. Simplify your situation and abandon the novel that does not help improve your reality. Increase your life energy to do productive things.

Price: $ 1,250 USD

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