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Relaciones Desnudas

Relaciones Desnudas

October, 2024

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In life, you have a relationship with yourself, with others and with your reality

We are in an era of people incapable of empathy. They don't know how to connect with themselves and others. They experience emotional weakness or fragility. We have a lot of information in our heads, social networks, and other electronic media. But the dynamic handling of it is abysmal and immature. This disproportion generates high expectations, excessive ambition, and desperation. Emotional immaturity has resulted in several people with self-esteem problems, depression, and hypersensitivity.


What will you learn?

We do not come to learn or to succeed. We live the experience of discovering who we are and trusting in our wise selves.


Create awareness of reality. The challenge of this program is that you do not demand existence to improve or people to adapt to you. Our aim is that you become strong enough to coexist with all the reality outside and inside yourself.


  1. Increased self-confidence.
  2. Awaken intellectual curiosity and develop the imagination.
  3. Improve decision-making.
  4. It gives you the intuitive ability to solve any problem.
  5. Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.
  6. You will get more remarkable finesse in the perception of reality.
  7. Boost your productivity rates.

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*Inscríbete antes del 15 de Septiembre para que tu kit (playera, libreta, etc.) sean personalizados.


Module 1: Quantitative self-assessment of the balance of brain inventiveness.

Module 2: Exercises and practical examples of innovation that stimulate the creative process.

Module 3: Development Plan Design. Method to define the simple reality. Determines and delimits the scope of the essential and the essential things.

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