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Why am I so often wrong in love?

Por: Dr. Roch, El 25 mayo, 2023

Love relationships are among the most challenging of human endeavors. They are not made for mediocre or cowardly people, it requires the ability to take risks and emotional strength to dare to let go in the hands of the loved one.

The choice of partner is not the core of why you are wrong; many people believe this big lie and think, “I was wrong in my choice. No, the mistake is in building the relationship with the partner you chose.

Why do we make mistakes in love? … because we believe that it is enough to choose the right partner and we forget that love is a daily challenge; it is a daily construction.

When one of the two stops contributing, stops building, stops being balanced, the result is a mistake in love for both of them.

Choosing is also very important. We should not choose someone who complements us. That is prosthetic love, as if we are missing an arm or a hand and we need a mechanical arm or hand. We go to the relationship from the lack, from what we are missing, and that is a bad start.

Another reason we make mistakes in love is that we go into the relationship from our desires, not from our reality. We want to be something for the other that is not real; we want the other to be something ideal for us, and when our desire is not fulfilled, we get frustrated and make wrong decisions by failing to build our love bond.

Thank you for reading. Dr. Roch


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