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Por: Dr. Roch, El 30 marzo, 2023

We cannot do for others what we have not done for ourselves. It is said, “A dry well, what thirst can it quench?” and “A barren ground, what fruit can it yield?”

The answer is negative, for how can anyone offer what they lack? With what morality do we demand of others what we do not have?

There is no more time to watch life go by or stand by the side of the road and watch others succeed.

The time has come for us to stop for a moment and reflect on what our life has been so far, the life that God has entrusted to us and placed in our hands because he trusted us, his children.

Let’s start reengineering from the inside out. Let’s look deep inside, even if it hurts a little to dig around. By exploring our inner self, where we are afraid to go, we are likely to see what we do not want to see. To dare to discover our authentic self is to allow ourselves to cry when something needs to be cleansed, for wounds hurt as they heal.

This journey through our personal lives will be like cleaning a house so that it shines beautifully and smells unique. Let’s take out what is useless, what is in the way, and what no longer works. Let’s paint life with the colors of joy, hope and emotion. Let’s harmonize everything, but let’s do it from the heart.

Let us look for the magic that is deep inside each being, the treasure that is there, which is the real creator of wealth, because the richest is not the one who has the most money, but the one who lives in fullness, in spiritual peace, with the tranquility of conscience, who can laugh, who can love, and who turns with the wind.

The human being must be in constant transformation. We must change our lives to be positive, to be successful, to strive to be on top, to be winners, to always make a difference. Difficulties will always arise. Pitfalls will await us because their function is to hinder.

But no matter how difficult a situation may be, we must never stop looking for a way out. And in this back and forth that is life, some waves help us, and others take us down. It is all a matter of looking for opportunities, like surfers in the ocean waiting for the best wave to move, or climbers waiting for the best moment to conquer the summit.

Success and failure are not instantaneous. We only fail when we stop trying, when we stop believing in our abilities, when we stop being creative, when we throw ourselves inexorably into the bed of mediocrity, into the lap of complaints and regrets, into the arms of non-being.

Life is like walking on a tightrope, from which we can fall at any moment if we do not have the handles that allow us to hold on with moderation and firmness to withstand strong winds and storms.

In fact, we must realize that a positive life requires learning, character, discipline, creativity, and order, among other things, to achieve success. Life is nothing more than a project that we must optimize daily with our attitudes. If we want to know how we will be tomorrow, it is enough to see what we are today. Our present is the consequence of our past, and the future will be the consequence of our present. Everything we think, say and do matters. Everything has consequences.

So let us make a radical change right now. What we are or have been can be changed. It is all a matter of will. Transformation must come from within. It is a complete overhaul and alignment with the universal principles that govern humanity.

To remake is to correct; it is to learn to unlearn. It is not an easy task because our ego is powerful and it is hard to accept that there are parts of us that we need to change and that the confrontation is difficult. It is a struggle.

Let us eliminate the old paradigms that can no longer help us. Let us look for new models that will lead us to success and to go through life full of knowledge, qualities and values, because life is only an opportunity, a small interval that we should not waste.

Let us understand that no one will make us happy because happiness is within each of us and we must seek it. There is no time to waste; there is time to live, to grow, to love and to be loved. Everything flows. Nothing is permanent. Something is ours as long as we can enjoy it.

Therefore, let us begin to recognize our mistakes, walk with firm steps, and put aside arrogance and pride. Let us cultivate humility.


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