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What is Money?

Por: Dr. Roch, El 14 mayo, 2024

Money is a tool of exchange that represents the value you have contributed to the planet and to people.

When earned through honest work, it reflects your positive contribution, unlike obtaining it dishonestly, whether by stealing from someone or from a nation.

Do I provide value and people pay me money for the value I give them?

When a chef in a restaurant prepares something delicious for me, I can show gratitude by thanking them, hugging them, giving them a book, or paying them with euros, dollars, pesos, or any other currency.

Money is a way to thank for services rendered.

It is a manifestation of what you have contributed to the planet and to those around you.

Selling is a way of providing value to others.

How can I provide value to another person?

There are good and bad financial problems.

For example, with money:

Good money problems: My investments only yielded a 30% return instead of the 45% from last year.

Bad money problems: I have debts and no way to pay them off, not even for taking a taxi.

Bad frustration problems: This year we sold 25% more than last year, but we were expecting a 35% increase.

If my client chooses the menu I have prepared, how can I add more value?

How can I provide transportation value to a person if they don’t buy the car I offer?

A well-made sale, based on truth, adds value to the people who make it. Honesty sells and does so in the long term, more than false promises and lies. I’m glad you’re reading this. Thank you for your feedback.


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