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Wealth Isn’t Seen Through the Mind

Por: Dr. Roch, El 28 noviembre, 2023

The mind that deceives only registers at 12 Hertz, capturing very little of the profound reality that surrounds and occurs around us.

The gift of opportunity is crucial. The chance to seize something valuable only arises when you silence your brain to perceive what isn’t readily visible and holds significant worth.

Most people take things at face value, often making foolish choices instead of carefully observing each element and contemplating its inherent beauty.

Consequently, individuals remain oblivious to the sheer beauty of reality and the hidden value it holds.

Decisions are made based on appearance, overlooking valuable opportunities that pass by as if they weren’t right in front of them.

Single individuals might have had someone of value in their lives right before them, yet they let them slip away because they fail to see their true worth, merely perceiving their appearance through their minds.

Entrepreneurs, preoccupied with numerous trivial matters, gradually lose sight of valuable people and opportunities that present themselves right before their eyes.

The small is as significant as the grand.

There exists a vast and eternal beauty in the world, scattered precisely across both small and grand things because in what is essential and significant, there is no injustice on the entire earth.

Every moment of your life presents millions of opportunities to be seized. Knowing how to prioritize and perceive them through your wise self, through your Thymus, is the key to personal, business, and family success.

Thank you for reading. I invite you to join one of our three-day experiences. Dr. Roch


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