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True Leaders

Por: Dr. Roch, El 9 enero, 2024

Genuine leaders do not hinder others; they do not dim anyone’s light to shine brighter, nor do they underestimate, belittle, exclude, or ignore other talents.

Unfortunately, in this world, we often encounter individuals in formal leadership positions who do not make appropriate use of their authority. This generates divisions and pain. However, there are also a few exceptional examples from which we can learn and emulate because they are authentic leaders who demonstrate real results that enhance our lives.

Some leaders, instead of being role models, evoke anger, frustration, and powerlessness by cynically continuing to exclude talents that are right in their own surroundings: at home, in their country, within their own company.

Certainly, it is essential to acknowledge and applaud others’ success, as long as it meets two fundamental requirements:

  1. It involves one’s own work and talent, without constantly relying on being featured in rankings, panels, or stages without making any effort.
  2. Growth does not come from copying others or criticizing them. That behavior represents toxic “competition.” Not everything is fair game, and it is not right to demean others to succeed. That is called disguised envy or mediocrity because you have to use someone else’s brilliance to thrive amidst the negativity you direct toward them.

Let’s stop underestimating others and start winning fairly.

What do you think? I enjoy reading my readers’ opinions and learning from them.

Thank you for reading. Dr. Roch


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