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To know is to know yourself!

Por: Dr. Roch, El 30 marzo, 2023

What is the Thymus? “Thýmos” in Greek means vital energy.

Essay by Dr. Roch

And that explains its function. The Thymus is an internal secretory gland. It is a mysterious gland because it functions until the age of 11 in girls and 12 in boys. After that it turns into fat, but it is the one that creates a person’s aura.

In my studies, the Thymus is the physical part that houses your eternal being. It is the place where your wise self resides. It is the most valuable part of your being because it is the part that remains after you die. Very little is written about it, and I have not wanted to write about it because I have dedicated myself to living it and developing its potential in my students and myself.

I have been on the lookout for evidence of its power and, more importantly, its results. You don’t have to believe people. You have to look at their lives. To my students and to me.

The Thymus is part of our immune system that protects us from disease. It produces T lymphocytes (linfocitos T), which defend us by attacking other foreign cells and bacteria.

Your voltage and frequency affect the Thymus, i.e., it can be on or off.

Your inner energy manifests in your outer energy. You and other people only pick up your external energy. This external energy is reflected in your emotional states. We feel emotions, but we live in our emotional states. Emotions are the inner energy you cannot control and move you toward your goals.

This is one of the reasons why some people and scientists refer to the Thymus as the happiness gland.

There is a matrix of emotions converted into energetic measurements to clarify which emotion you are on higher voltage levels and which emotion you are on lower voltage levels.

Remember that temporal life moves like time and does not stop. If you have no energy, you do not move; if you have a lot of energy, you move more nimbly. If you have little energy, you move little; if you have limited energy, you stop moving and find yourself without projects, dead in life.

The more immature a person is and the less inner work they have, the more they live in low-energy states of mind. Therefore, it does not move; by not moving, it produces poverty and impoverishes those around it. This contagious poverty multiplies and generates ego so that people, in order to feel comfortable, need to see others as poor or poorer than themselves, not to feel and become aware of their absolute poverty.

That is why movements favor the culture of inner and outer poverty, inner and outer ignorance, inner and outer comfort, and inner and outer passivity.

It requires less energy, and it is easier to be a mediocre person and a person without energy than to do daily work and build a harmonious lifestyle based on the habit of developing talents by investing hours of work and hours of study to achieve your goals, giving up comfort and paying the cost of living to be a person of value.

When an individual has energy and turns on the Thymus, they become a blessing to those around them and a generator of growth, life, light, harmony, and unity, creating a heaven around them and being an angel to the people who are part of their life and work team.

What happens when a person has the Thymus switched off?

When a person has the Thymus turned off and is operating with low voltages in their life energy, he becomes a devil who creates hell around him. Part of his hell criticizes worse hells because he avoids feeling he needs to escape his inner and outer hells.

In my studies, I do readings from the Thymus. The Thymus contains everything affecting you at this moment in your life. The events of the past that you remember in the present come alive and affect you and can be read in your Thymus if you allow it.

From everything that happens in your present, your Thymus selects those events that increase or decrease your life energy, which is reflected in your worries, which are not always captured by your mind, and that is why you are not aware of them. It is not something unconscious because the subconscious is in the brain and the pituitary gland, and the Thymus is in the center of the chest.

Consciousness is the realization of how things are in the Thymus. Trust, which is the security of life in myself and a Creator God, in a life that moves like time and cannot be controlled, is also in the Thymus.

The Thymus is the instrument by which a person can achieve his sense of life, awareness, and self-confidence. Yes, that’s right!

I want you to know yourself better, to use your resources, to work hard, and not just dream. Next week I will go into more detail, and I want you to read it because I believe you can change your life.

I am Dr. Roch. Thank you for reading me.


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