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Tips for Precise and Concise Meetings

Por: Dr. Roch, El 4 junio, 2024

Welcome! I will try to be punctual and precise in this article. I look forward to your comments at the end.

  1. Clear and concise agenda: Define the topics to be discussed and communicate them in advance so everyone is prepared.
  2. Time limit: Set a realistic time limit and stick to it to maintain focus and productivity.
  3. Selective attendee list: Invite only those who really need to be present to avoid diluting the purpose of the meeting.
  4. Efficient moderation: Assign someone to lead the meeting and ensure that objectives are met and the time allocated for each item is respected.
  5. Active participation: Encourage participation from all attendees to gain different perspectives, but avoid straying from the main topic.
  6. Summary and action: At the end, summarize the key points discussed and assign clear actions with responsible parties and deadlines.
  7. Quick follow-up: Send a summary of the meeting and the action plan to all participants to maintain transparency and follow-up.

Thank you for reading. Join me for Live with Dr. Roch if you want to stay updated.

Dr. Roch


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