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There are 7 laws that make you rich or poor

Por: Dr. Roch, El 23 abril, 2024

Understanding these laws of temporary life is key to obtaining evident results in business and economic life. Review each law and reflect on how it applies to your life.

1. The law of creation

Everything is created twice: first in your mind and then in reality. What we imagine and visualize first manifests in the physical world. We create our life and can align ourselves with automatic thoughts from society. Avoid irrelevant information: gossip conversations, watching television, or spending too many hours on social media. Invest 10% of your income in preparing to manage your mind: books, courses, workshops, conferences, etc.

2. Life is uncertainty

Life is full of uncertainty, and although we are told there are certainties, we must accept that we are living in uncertainty. Sometimes, we are told our projects will not prosper or our jobs are not useful. However, taking action helps us improve, even if we don’t know when it will happen.

3. The law of cause and effect

Everything that happens in this life is an effect generated by a cause. For example, if we understand that health is an effect, we must ask ourselves what the cause is. The same applies to money: what causes money? If we are aware that everything we do has an effect, we will be more careful in our daily actions.

4. The law of action

Nothing is created without action. Actions begin with decisions, and when we add passion, they lead to results. Without action, nothing we imagine in our minds will materialize in the physical world.

5. The law of detachment

Economic poverty is not just a lack of money. The key is to increase your income, not just reduce expenses. To do so, be more valuable in the market, offer something that few have, and stand out in your field. Provide value and be useful, as income is related to usefulness.

6. Life progresses step by step

Life does not progress in a straight line but in stages. You can rise or fall quickly, but you can also deliver more value each year. There are good and bad problems. For example, good money problems would be your investments yielding 30% instead of 45% as last year. Bad money problems would be having debts you can’t pay. In terms of health, a good problem would be losing weight, but less than expected; while a bad problem would be gaining weight without realizing it.

7. Personal development starts with the body

Take care of your physical and economic health. Physical energy includes health and money: sustenance, housing, food, and clothing. First, take care of your health and money, then love, fulfillment, and purpose will follow. There is no purpose without health or money. Poverty and illness make us ignorant and, above all, selfish.

It’s hard to be generous when you have pain or financial difficulties. Take care of your rest, nutrition, and exercise, as well as your budget, income, and investments. Become your own education secretary. If you take care of these aspects, improvement is just a matter of time.

Thank you for reading.
Dr. Roch.


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