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The Prostitute’s Debt

Por: Dr. Roch, El 25 mayo, 2023

See what happens when money moves. I hope to explain well what is the energy of money in motion.

It is the month of August in a small town, a very heavy rain is falling and the town is deserted for several days after the COVID.

The crisis has been here for a long time, everyone is in debt and living on credit.

Fortunately, a foreigner with money arrives and enters the small and unique hotel of the place; he asks for a room, puts a $100 bill on the receptionist’s table and goes to see the rooms.

The hotel manager takes the bill and runs off to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher takes the bill and runs off to pay his debt to the pig farmer. Then he runs off to pay his debt to the feed mill.

The owner of the mill takes the bill and runs off to pay his debt to Maria, the prostitute, to whom he has not paid for some time (in times of crisis, even she offers her services on credit). The prostitute, with the bill in her hand, goes to the small hotel where she has taken her clients the last few times and has not yet paid them, and gives the bill to the hotel owner.

At that moment, the foreigner who had just looked at the rooms comes down, says he is not convinced by any of them, takes his ticket and leaves.

No one has earned a penny, but now the whole town lives free of debt and looks to the future with confidence.


Let’s consume more in small shops and markets.

The one who provides employment is the consumer. When you buy, you employ those who produced the product.

  • Stop valuing the foreign over the local.
  • Consume what your friends and your country produce.
  • If your friend has a small business, buy from him!
  • If your friend sells clothes, buy them!
  • If your friend sells shoes, buy them!
  • If your friend sells baked goods, buy from her!
  • If your friend does nails, use your mother!
  • If your friend is an accountant, ask him for advice!
  • If my friend owns a restaurant… What do you think?
  • I’d eat there!
  • If a friend owned a bakery, I’d go there!
  • If a friend owned a store, I’d shop there!

The next time you go to a big bakery, think of your friend, sister, cousin or uncle who sells empanadas, puff pastries, cakes and they are delicious.

At the end of the day, most of the money is collected by the big corporations and guess what, it leaves the country!

But if you buy from an entrepreneur, from a small or medium-sized business, or from your friends, you are helping them, we are all winning, and you are contributing to our economy.

Let’s support entrepreneurship…

Let’s support local consumption…

Let’s support national production…

Thank you for reading.

Dr. Roch


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