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The Position You Sleep in Can Reveal Things About Your Partner

Por: Dr. Roch, El 26 marzo, 2024

In case you didn’t know, the position you sleep in with your partner can reveal a lot about your relationship. In this article, we’ll explore the meanings behind these sleeping postures and what they may say about your connection.

  1. Fetal Position: If you tend to sleep in the fetal position with your partner, you’re likely outgoing and caring towards others. This position suggests that you’re shrewd and sensitive, seeking protection and security in your partner.
  2. Log Position: If you sleep with your partner in this position, you’re probably analytical and somewhat reserved. Although you may appear cold on the surface, you’re a good advisor and ally in decision-making.
  3. Guard Position: Those who sleep in this position are often brave and determined. They have a strong personality and aren’t afraid to face obstacles.
  4. Modified Guard Position: This posture suggests that you’re persistent in pursuing your goals and don’t back down from challenges. Your determination drives you forward.
  5. Starfish Position: If both you and your partner sleep stretched out like a starfish, you’re kind and considerate individuals. You have no limits when it comes to expressing love and mutual support.
  6. Stomach or Freefall Position: Those who sleep on their stomachs tend to face reality with courage. Additionally, they have a sarcastic sense of humor that often characterizes them.

Observe and choose the position in which you sleep with your partner. Thanks for reading! We look forward to your feedback.

Dr. Roch


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