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The Future of Your Employability

Por: Dr. Roch, El 12 diciembre, 2023

Today, I will talk about employability, both as an individual and from an entrepreneurial perspective. It’s a topic that invites deep reflection. I would love to hear your comments and stay updated on your thoughts regarding this matter.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the future of our employability lies in our Professional-Personal Brand on social media.

I state this because the instability and job uncertainty are not just a “temporary trend”; it’s the harsh reality we are currently facing. Consequently, what we studied a few years ago is no longer useful, and how much our current learning will benefit us in the future is uncertain.

IMPORTANT: I’m not suggesting that we “stop studying” or halt the learning process. In fact, I highly recommend my 3-day program called Re-Invent Yourself.

I’m not saying you should stop studying or learning something new. However, we must consider that, irrespective of future trends and fads, the real future of our employability is not solely confined to:

  1. Your group of university friends,
  2. Your circle of former colleagues,
  3. Nor solely in your usual social circle, but also significantly and realistically in your Professional-Personal image on social media.

Hence, it’s crucial to start WORKING ON YOUR PROFESSIONAL-PERSONAL BRAND from now on. It’s not enough to merely “have a LinkedIn profile” or “be present on social media.” It’s about “strategically working on my professional brand on social media.” This involves shifting your mindset to a more open one, stepping out of your comfort zone, and becoming your own public relations person to generate INFLUENCE and position yourself as a thought leader.

Many consider this as just a trend, but it’s actually a necessity that cannot be ignored in the real world of our times.

I hope my reflections provide value. We face the reality of the work field, despite the fear of judgment, criticism from those who disapprove of being a public figure, and other obstacles that hinder our adaptation to the new era and the real world. I appreciate your presence here with me.

Thank you for following and reading.
Dr. Roch.


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