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Taking Control of Your Life

Por: Dr. Roch, El 16 abril, 2024

Look around and you’ll see that many people aren’t satisfied with their lives. Marriages struggle, employees feel unfulfilled at work, some are dissatisfied with their finances or physical appearance. The list goes on: health, government, family, financial freedom, and so forth.

Learning to live with uncertainty is key, as life itself is a series of unpredictable changes. Those who are alive must learn to adapt and face the challenges that come their way.

Nature teaches us abundance: a single seed can yield multiple fruits year after year in its proper season. However, we often succumb to the scarcity mindset, which whispers in our ear, instead of listening to the voice of abundance within us that drives us to create wealth.

In a world and a reality that are intrinsically abundant, there coexists a theoretical voice of scarcity and lack. However, you have free will to decide which voice to tune into. Reality cannot impose its will upon you, as experiencing scarcity allows us to appreciate and value abundance when we encounter it.

Your reaction to what happens in reality is crucial. You can choose to listen to the voice of scarcity, represented by your mind, or the wisdom of abundance within you, symbolized by your thymus gland.

The key is to take action and stop lamenting. Start by uncovering the internal wisdom within you and activate it to manifest tangible results, comparing them to your previous life when you were dominated by mental falsehoods.

Thank you for reading.

Dr. Roch


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