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Sunday: Day of Rest

Por: Dr. Roch, El 13 febrero, 2024

Today, I want you to realize, through this article on my page, the immense phenomenon that is rest.

Every human being is a whole divided into numerous parts that must exist together, not separately.

First and foremost, there is your skin. Your skin encloses you; it is the gateway through which the external world enters, and it is the gateway through which you emerge into everyday reality.

Within the skin are the flesh and muscles, which are either relaxed or contracted, masters of action.

Then, you are like a doll made of veins and arteries through which your blood circulates.

The journey of this vital red liquid is calm through the veins and intense through the arteries, all organized over the part that will not decay in the future, with the capacity to last for centuries.

It is our skeleton, the structure that supports the brain, lungs, and heart.

The brain is filled with words. The lungs are filled with hopes.

The heart, which transmits the beats of the cosmos to us, is filled with emotions.

The kidneys purify liquids, the pancreas neutralizes poisons, the ovaries and testicles aspire to obtain eternity, and the digestive system aims to turn the entire planet into food.

The mouth is the one that swallows food, mixing endless tastes with endless words.

Add to this the senses, which are double: Vision in two eyes, hearing in two ears, smell in two nostrils.

In all these senses, there is a mixture of feelings, ideas, tears, and sweats. In short, an ocean of cells, a galaxy of atoms.

All this and much more, it’s me, it’s you, it’s our parents, our family tree, of millions and millions of relatives.

I suggest this to you with the consciousness of the wisdom of the Thymus: let that universe that is you rest today. I send you a hug of affection: Good rest. Thank you for reading.

Dr. Roch


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