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Stop feeling sorry for yourself, be someone to look up to!

Por: Dr. Roch, El 27 junio, 2023

Stop playing the victim, stop saying that you don’t have enough, that you can’t make ends meet, or that you earn very little. Those comments are like 12-hertz metals. They emit a low level of life energy.

Because if you keep talking about poverty, poverty is what you’ll have. Those who don’t have money constantly talk about money and complain about it. Those who don’t have love talk about heartbreak and sing songs about heartbreak. That’s how things go.

Moreover, get rid of the habit of playing the victim.

That way, you’ll never improve.

The first thing you need to change is your SELF-CONCEPT. You can improve it by reading the book on Personal Reengineering.

You’re not poor, you just have little money, a limited ability to generate more money, and you’re driven by expectations that exceed your economic income.

The money will come; you’ll achieve it.

But first, you need to achieve a new state of consciousness. Realize your raw reality.

Remember that your financial state is only a reflection of your energetic, emotional, and mental state… So, if you internalize abundance, create wealth, see opportunities, and build progress within yourself, soon it will be reflected in your pockets.

The second thing to improve is your self-worth.

Don’t settle for trivialities; aim for greatness.

Learn to manage when you have, don’t spend just for the sake of it. Define your priorities well.

The third thing to improve is your language.

Change your words.

Some people spend the whole day talking about illnesses or how they can’t make ends meet.

When you ask them how they are, they answer half-heartedly: “Okay, I guess.” “Just getting by.” “I have nothing, almost indigent.” Others say: “You don’t earn much, but you can still enjoy life.”

If you notice, those expressions become seeds for more neediness.

Change your words, shift to the lane of wealth.

When asked how you are, respond with an attitude: “On top of the world.” “Moving full steam ahead.” “Excellent.” “Positive.” Your words create a new vibration.

Thank you for reading, DrRoch.


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