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Method for Creating Success in Your Life

Por: Dr. Roch, El 21 noviembre, 2023

Often, I’m asked about the recipe for success, and my answer always is: THERE IS NO RECIPE, but rather a guide, a method. Today, I’ll talk about it for the first time.

This method involves achieving objective, material, and economic outcomes with a good degree of success; building quality relationships; and attaining a level of health with a decent degree of success.

Once you achieve this, you’ll experience the genuine feeling of being a successful person. It’s an emotional state of value. Maintaining this state is crucial in your life.

Next, you’ll activate your Thymus. This wise being within you will lead you: to engage with people who will enhance this degree of success in your life; it will guide you into situations that will facilitate the multiplication of this success. This is as long as you remain attentive to perceiving your reality without embellishments. This implies resisting the temptation to buy into interpretations of reality that your mind fabricates (EGO), as it tends to lie.

This method isn’t mental. It’s not about perceiving success, nor imagining it with your mind, idealizations, or words of desire.

It’s about achieving a tangible, evident degree of success. Once achieved, you’ll leverage it with your Thymus (the inner spiritual being we all possess and need to activate for it to function).

In summary: it’s about creating a level of success and leveraging it to make it grow, much like a snowball rolling downhill on the mountain of time, getting larger and larger.

My students in the Mastering Yourself program achieve this, and that’s why the evidence of their success doesn’t cease. If you’re interested, I invite you to explore the program’s content on my website, Dr. Roch.


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