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Making the same mistake again and again

Por: Dr. Roch, El 11 julio, 2023

Thank you for being here with me.

If we repeatedly make the same mistake, it suggests that we are not effectively learning from the feedback provided by our brain.

In other words, we actively repeat the same action despite knowing the unfavorable consequences.

There can be several reasons for this phenomenon:

Sometimes, repeating a mistake can be rooted in deeply ingrained habits or behavior patterns that are difficult to break. Our brains rely on familiar pathways, and changing established routines requires conscious effort and intention.

Furthermore, repeating a mistake can be influenced by cognitive biases. For example, confirmation bias can lead us to seek information that confirms our beliefs, ignoring contradictory evidence.

Emotions such as fear, impulsiveness, or the desire for immediate gratification can also override our rational decision-making processes.

To overcome this pattern of repeating mistakes, we must actively work on our self-awareness with the THYMUS (your inner wise self) and set aside the superficial analysis of the Mind that Lies (12 hertz), which only sees the same error externally while internally it can be a completely different learning experience.

The THYMUS allows you to adopt a mindset of growth and respect. Even though the error may seem the same, internally it can be a completely different learning experience. Don’t let your superficial mind judge your similar errors and learnings as the same mistake. Man believes he stumbles over the same stone, but in reality, he has a different learning experience with the same external error.

Ask yourself how I can help you with my three-day retreats or with Coaching Wednesdays.

Thank you for reading.



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