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Love in the moment

Por: Dr. Roch, El 25 mayo, 2023

It is a new way of loving. Love is considered so sacred, so sublime, so elevated that we judge any temporary encounter as evasion, lust, adventure. Anything but love.

We never tire of demanding that love be forever, total, unique, eternal, and this prevents us from living a temporary experience that transforms us and touches our souls.

We have to learn to appreciate those brief encounters that touch the very fibers of our being, that transform our lives and fill us with emotion and joy.

Those temporary attachments that enrich our lives, that expand our experience of who we are, what we are made of, what we are capable of attracting, holding, touching, and loving. Those experiences that disrupt our lives.

Let it be clear to you that not everyone and not always we are ready for a long-term love. And it is responsible to know this, but especially to say this when we are in a temporary relationship with someone. Especially after a breakup, a great loss, a disappointment in someone, or a major life transition.

These encounters involve a very high concentration of energy and a high consumption of attention due to the demands of this temporary bond. And that is why in many cases we reject erotic, love and friendship encounters. But we forget that human beings are built in encounters and through encounters. We forget that it is through these bonds with other human beings that we build ourselves as persons and discover who we are and how we have improved.

I want to make it clear to you that it is the encounters that have to do with attraction, sex and eroticism that discover us the most; they are the ones that most shock the perception we have of ourselves, and they are the ones that most move us from within to seek to know who we are.

They are the ones that allow us to recognize ourselves, push our limits, redefine ourselves.

It is these encounters that allow us to regain our confidence, to discover our creative self, to dare to be different, to think outside the box and to do something different from what we have always done. To expand our confidence and our erotic and loving manifestation.

It is these bonds and experiences that allow us to know what we want, to recover ourselves after a fall, to regain the joy of living and being, and to reposition ourselves in a more real and complete way in the world of affection and love.

Thank you for reading this. You can delve deeper into this topic in the book Undressed Relationships.

Dr. Roch


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