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Life is Like a Rubber Band

Por: Dr. Roch, El 22 agosto, 2023

Life resembles a rubber band: stretch it. Harness its full potential. Step out of your familiar and dull zone; venture into the realm of “wow,” take risks, and relish the ambiguity of not knowing if you’ll succeed.

By taking risks, we enrich our lives.

Seize any opportunity or anything that appears to be one.

Let’s work diligently, not on something heavy, monotonous, repetitive, or mechanical, but on pursuing those surprising opportunities. A three-day retreat, like the one about “Naked Relationships,” can assist you in this.

Let’s increase the chances of encountering positive uncertainty: appointments with important people, casual conversations, meetings, or new businesses.

When making a decision, we must focus on the consequences (which we can know), rather than on the probability (which we cannot know).

The fundamental idea of uncertainty is this: all you need to do is mitigate the consequences. This way, you can navigate and embrace uncertainty as an unchangeable part of reality. I look forward to seeing you at one of my retreats.

Thank you for reading. Dr. Roch


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