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Life does not take away from you, it sets you free

Por: Dr. Roch, El 25 abril, 2023

Welcome. Understand and assimilate that life does not take things from you, it frees you from things.

Life always frees you to fly higher, to reach fulfillment.

From the cradle to the grave is a school. That’s why what you call problems are lessons.

And as I say in Mastery in Yourself, no one has the same lessons. They are individual. And if you don’t learn them, you fail and life presents them to you in a more painful way so that this time you respond and you don’t fail.

You feel a loss when someone dies or leaves or chooses not to live with you. But life teaches you that you didn’t lose anyone. You have stopped living the lesson with someone. And that is appreciated. Even if it hurts.

If you have lost a loved one, remember that the best of that person, the basic experiences, remain in your memory; your heart is grateful for them and your spirit gives them a sense of eternity.

There is no death… there is movement. And on the other side, wonderful people are waiting for you: Gandhi, Michelangelo, Mary Magdalene, St. Augustine, St. Paul, Mother Teresa, your grandfather and my father, who believed the right things about life, the wrong things about money, the controversial things about politics.

Everything is a learning process. We must discern what works for our lives today and what does not.

There are so many things to enjoy and our time on earth is so short that we must learn to handle life with CRUDE realism, without mental lies and with spiritual sensitivity.

Suffering is a waste of time; it is a mental act of a painful memory. It is always the memory of something that happened in the past that we bring into the present and make us suffer again with the promise that it will not happen again. And the only thing it does is to rob us of our confidence, to sadden our soul and to take us away from those who are by our side today.

We can enjoy winter snow and spring flowers, chocolate, Mexican tacos, French baguettes, Chilean wine, Caribbean beaches, and Brazilian soccer.

We can take the time to read: The Thousand and One Nights, The Divine Comedy, Don Quixote, Pedro Paramo and listen to the boleros of Manzanero and the poetry of Whitman; the music of Mahler, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven; we can contemplate the art of the paintings of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Velázquez, Monet, Picasso and Tamayo, among so many wonders.

And if you have a terminal or very serious illness such as cancer, COVID or AIDS, two things can happen and both are good: if it defeats you, it frees you from the body that is so annoying (I am hungry, I am cold, I am sleepy, I feel like it, I am right, I have doubts). And when you defeat it, you will be more humble, more grateful. Therefore, you will also be happier, free from the tremendous weight of guilt, responsibility and vanity, ready to live each moment deeply, simply, AS CRUDE REALITY.

Always remember: You are not depressed as your lying mind tells you. You are idle, distracted and remembering with your lying mind facts that cause you suffering. Be mindful. Your medicine is attention.

Help the one who needs you, that person lives in your life space and maybe he/she will be the one to help your child tomorrow. You never know. It has happened to me; I don’t know if it has happened to you.

Besides, service is a sure happiness. It’s like enjoying nature and taking care of it for your grandchildren’s future.

Love until you become the beloved; even more, until you become love itself. And do not be misled by a few murderers and suicides. Doing good to others is a form of self-love.

Doing good is a silent act. But it produces blessings that your loved ones will enjoy.

Sometimes society teaches us to focus on ourselves. The truth is that this makes you a terribly self-centered person.

The solution is to become obsessed with something that serves others. It is to become selfless instead of selfish.

Helping others is what makes society move forward, and I can’t believe that we’ve forgotten about that.

A bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for every bomb that destroys, there are millions of caresses that nourish life.

When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show it that you have a thousand and one reasons to smile. Look at your life from your Eternal Self, from your Wise Self, from your Thymus… and the mind will put the suffering in a drawer and not hurt you.

Thank you for reading me. I am grateful to know that you have read these lines.

Dr. Roch


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