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Habits that Define You in Sales

Por: Dr. Roch, El 19 julio, 2023

After delving into the topic of habits for the Master’s in Sales, I found myself contemplating the deep relationship between habits and personal identity.

Our habits are not just routines we follow; they are intrinsically linked to who we are and how we perceive ourselves.

I realized that this concept is highly relevant for sales professionals. It affects how we are perceived by our colleagues and even how our clients respond to us.

But how does this work exactly, and how can sales professionals today harness the power of habits to shape a positive and effective professional identity?

Habits as a reflection of identity. Each salesperson has a unique set of habits. Some may habitually prepare for meetings with clients, while others may excel at persistent follow-ups.

These habits are not just actions; they are reflections of our identity. They represent who we are and what we value.

For sales professionals, this means that the sales habits they adopt can significantly influence their professional identity. A salesperson who consistently prepares for meetings is likely to be seen as responsible and reliable.

On the other hand, a salesperson who habitually neglects follow-ups may be perceived as disorganized or indifferent.

Suggested Action Plan: Reflect on your current sales habits. Evaluate yourself as you truly are, without idealizations.

Do they align with the professional identity you aspire to? If not, identify the habits you need to change and begin implementing these changes gradually.

Shaping identity through habits. Our habits reflect our identity, but this relationship also works the other way around: by consciously cultivating productive habits, sales professionals can shape their professional identity.

For example, a salesperson who wants to be seen as proactive and focused on the new market and customer concept we see in the Sales Master’s program can cultivate habits that reflect these traits.

This could include habits such as regular communication with clients, making proactive decisions, and constantly researching new market trends.

A good action plan I suggest is: Identify the traits you want to be part of your professional identity; then, develop habits that reflect these traits. Remember that simplicity lies in the heart, and complication lies in the mind that lies.

Keep in mind that developing new habits takes time, so be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories along the way.

The power of habitual consistency. Consistency is key when it comes to habits. The more consistently a habit is performed, the more it becomes part of our identity.

For my Sales Master’s students, this means that consistency in their sales habits can strengthen their professional identity.

In conclusion, the habits we cultivate as sales professionals have a profound impact on our professional identity. By consciously and consistently cultivating positive sales habits, we can shape a professional identity that not only enhances our performance but also influences how others perceive us.

As we continue to explore the principles of the SALES MASTER’S program, we will discover more ways to harness the power of habits in our sales careers. Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary journey. Let’s keep growing.

Dr. Roch


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