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Gossip and Networking

Por: Dr. Roch, El 19 diciembre, 2023

Today, I want to address a common topic in all workplaces: gossip and how we can use it for networking.

Gossip is a “classic” phenomenon. However, if we aim to stand out from the average and achieve real and comprehensive success, it is crucial to truly understand how networking operates. Speaking positively about others in an authentic manner is key to expanding our sphere of influence and showcasing our work through our projects.

I’m not suggesting being hypocritical or praising individuals we don’t get along with. It’s completely valid not to connect with certain individuals in our work environment. However, before passing negative judgments about someone, let’s focus on their performance objectively and analytically. You will likely find something positive to mention, regardless of your personal opinions.

If, even after considering this, you find nothing positive to share, sometimes it’s better to remain silent to avoid misunderstandings or tensions in the workplace. This contributes to maintaining a more harmonious work atmosphere.

You can always turn to your coach, psychologist, family, or childhood friends to vent without filters. However, in the workplace, moderation is key to fostering a respectful and peaceful coexistence.

I invite you to try the habit of praising someone when they are not present. Observe what happens and decide if it’s a behavior you wish to uphold.

I hope this reflection has been helpful for you. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, I invite you to the Summit of Leaders: a three-day retreat at Vallarta Beach, Mexico.

Thank you for joining me.
Dr. Roch


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