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Dreams are contagious

Por: Dr. Roch, El 20 junio, 2023

On this occasion, I want to share an inspiring message from successful leaders who have made a mark in their careers. After my experiences, I enjoy reading real-life cases of sports personalities, such as in this case of motorsport.

Enjoy it! Extraordinary results consist of taking simple and distinctive actions…

Enzo Ferrari, the legendary entrepreneur, is sitting in front of the owners of Alfa Romeo.

At that time, Enzo was a dreamer who had not yet reached the pinnacle as a manufacturer.

He is in the office with the right people at the right time, but he fails to persuade Alfa Romeo to trust him and build a new racing car.

  • How are you going to build the fastest car in the world? Do you have the money for it? – they asked Enzo.
  • Not a penny – Enzo said, smiling, and continued – but I have a plan.

There were laughs and even looks of pity.

  • A plan is not enough – they replied.
  • This one is, give me a second.

He left the office and came back with blueprints of a new car model.

  • Do you have a workshop and staff to make it? – they asked Enzo.
  • I have all that, and I have the best car designer in the world.
  • That’s impossible, his name is Vittorio Jano, and he works for FIAT. We have tried to hire him many times, and he always said no – replied the owners of Alfa Romeo.

Enzo approached them and whispered quietly.

  • Maybe you only talked to him about money and not about a dream. Dreams are contagious.

Enzo left the office, and the owners of Alfa Romeo were left in awe. In front of them stood the most beautiful car ever designed.

And suddenly, Enzo entered with Vittorio Jano, the great designer, and introduced them… It fills me with emotion to know that great men have big dreams and make them come true. That’s what we try to do with each one of you who decides to join our experiences.

Thank you for reading, Dr. Roch


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