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Leadership in Adversity

Learn all about the acclaimed Leaders' Summit event. It has been held by Dr. Roch once a year, for more than 12 years, in different locations. It is a 3-day immersion to develop the most significant potential of each participant.

A glimpse of what you'll experience

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Benefits you will get

Life has transformed, and it is time for you to do the same with tools and techniques applicable to real life.

  1. 1. Increase your team's productivity rates.
  2. Achieve high yield and high performance in large and small teams.
  3. Raise individual and team awareness.
  4. Empower the creativity of your team.
  5. Improve mental, physical, and emotional health.
  6. Transform your complexity into simplicity. Become easygoing.
  7. Get qualitative and quantitative metrics of your reality.

What will you get in this training?

Receive a Certified Diploma

Invest in yourself to generate more profits

A 3-day whole immersion experience

Receive personalized training from Dr. Roch

Become a true leader What you need to know

Leaders' Summit is based on the Roch Method. It is rich in self-applicable tools to integrate "personal and work life" to achieve your goals as a leader.

The method consists of quality engineering in human behavior. It involves you in simulations that force you to solve particular situations.


Join us. Join the Leaders Summit!

Dr. Roch holds a doctorate in human behavior and has been researching his theories for over 25 years. He is the author of best sellers such as "Personal Reengineering." He has coached business leaders at Coca-Cola, Cemex, Comex, and FEMSA. He has coached Miss Universe contestants. And the governments of Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico.

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