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Charles Chaplin lived to be 88 years old

Por: Dr. Roch, El 9 mayo, 2023

Today I would like to talk to you about this great professional and also a great philosopher of life.

He left behind four sayings about life that are some of the most beautiful things I have ever read:

(1) Nothing in this world lasts forever, not even our problems.

(2) I like to walk in the rain because no one can see my tears.

(3) The most wasted day in your life is the day that you don’t have a laugh.

(4) Six of the world’s best doctors:

  1. Sun
  2. Rest
  3. Exercise
  4. Diet
  5. Self-Esteem
  6. Friends

 Stay healthy and have fun all your life.

 When you see the moon, you see the beauty of life.

 When you see the sun, you will see the power of life.

 If you see a mirror, you will see God’s best creation in life.

So, believe: We are all tourists

Life is just a journey! 

So, live… I believe that the worst thing that can happen to you in this life is to grow old or die and discover that you didn’t live.

Tomorrow may or may not be the last day of your existence.

I love Charles Chaplin and I have enjoyed sharing his philosophy with you today.

Thank you for reading me.

Dr. Roch


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