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Attitude in Achievements

Por: Dr. Roch, El 19 septiembre, 2023

No athlete steps into competition with the intention of losing, be it in football, basketball, tennis, swimming, martial arts, or any other discipline. However, athletes face demands due to external factors inherent in sports, such as psychological aspects, mood, parents, agents, coaches, scholarships, support, and various kinds of pressure.

You must not confuse aptitude with attitude.

Attitude is an emotional decision that a person makes in response to the reality they are experiencing.

Attitude is what every individual displays with their temperament and personality in a given situation or competition.

Aptitude is the capacity or talent that a person possesses and has developed at the present moment.

Aptitude is the natural talent and ability of each individual and how they utilize it.

The world’s best entrepreneurs and athletes have trained coaches, but players often dismiss them because they lose their winning attitude, perhaps due to a lack of motivation or poor communication between the coach and the entrepreneur or athlete.

Sometimes, players blame the coach in the stands from the field, shifting responsibility to the expert. In individual sports, it’s easy to identify the problem, and the player decides to change the coach just like that.

In football, when teams change their head coach, they magically adopt a new attitude, they fight, they run, which raises questions about whether the players didn’t like the coach and tried to undermine him, as the jargon in that sport goes.

First, we need to analyze the attitude of the coach and their team towards the ENTREPRENEUR, singer, or athlete. Some coaches, not all, mistreat their players, resorting to harsh language, reprimands, and sermons that hurt the players’ sensibilities. Sometimes, they even have the audacity to bring it to press conferences, where reporters are unable to ask the head coach anything because he gets angry, shouts, and demands apologies.

In sports, there are coaches or head coaches in many sports who “bluff” some executives and indulge in charlatanism, leading to situations like the ones that are well-known in soccer, tennis, baseball, and other sports. Fortunately, there are coaches and professionals in consulting who know how to positively influence the attitude of athletes.

Thank you for reading. I stand with you in these reflections, and thank you for being with me. Don’t hesitate to join my three-day retreats or Wednesday Coaching sessions, live every Wednesday.

Dr. Roch


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