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Por: Dr. Roch, El 6 enero, 2023

There is a legend that teaches us what life expects of us.

It is said that there was a fourth Wise Man who also saw the star shining over Bethlehem and decided to follow it.

He intended to give the Child a chest full of precious pearls. However, he met various people who were asking for his help.

This Wise Man attended them with joy and diligence, leaving them each a pearl.

But that was delaying his arrival and emptying his chest.

He found many poor, sick, imprisoned, and miserable people, and he could not leave them unattended.

He would stay with them as long as necessary to relieve them of their sorrows and proceed, only to be interrupted again by another helpless person.

When he finally arrived in Bethlehem, the other Magi were no longer there, and the Child fled with his parents to Egypt because King Herod wanted to kill Him.

The Wise Man continued to search for Him, now without the star that had guided him before.

He searched and searched and searched. And it is said that he spent more than thirty years roaming the earth, searching for the Child and helping those in need.

One day, he arrived in Jerusalem just as the angry crowd was calling for the death of an innocent man. Looking at Him, he recognized something familiar in his eyes.

This kind of thing can also happen to you. You can experience it in the Iron Man of Life retreat, where you share the three inner marathons of life. But let’s continue with the story:

Amidst the pain, blood, and suffering, he could see the brightness of that star in His eyes.

That wretch who was being executed was the Child he had long sought.

Sadness filled his heart, already old and tired by time. Although he still kept a pearl in his bag, it was too late to offer it to the Child, who, having become a man, hung on a Cross.

He had failed in his mission. And having nowhere else to go, he stayed in Jerusalem to wait for His death to come.

Barely three days had passed when a light brighter than a thousand stars filled his room. It was the Risen One coming to meet him!

The Wise Man, falling on his knees before Him, took his remaining pearl and stretched out his hand as he bowed. Jesus took it tenderly and said to him:

“You did not fail. On the contrary, you found me throughout your life. I was naked, and you clothed me. I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink. I was in prison, and you visited me. I was in all the men you cared for on your way.

Thank you so much for so many gifts of love! Now you will be with me forever, for with so much money in heaven that you made, you will have eternal interests and a better inner strength to live the years you have left in the temporal life. That is why I am a seeker of money in heaven.

The story requires no explanation. We are the fourth Wise Man, and life is waiting for us to meet Him in every person in need who crosses our path.

Happy Epiphany.

Thanks for reading me.
– Dr Roch


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