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Achieving Tranquility

Por: Dr. Roch, El 6 febrero, 2024

Today, I write about finding satisfaction in what you do and feeling proud of your accomplishments, which requires dedication, conviction, and determination.

My years of experience working with clients have resulted in a unique proposition: the Model of the 4 Forces and the 6 Relationships, based on my studies and personal experiences.

What does it entail?

We delve into the 4 crucial internal forces that drive your life, those that propel you to action and help you achieve your goals:

  1. MIND (12 Hertz)
  2. EMOTIONS (24 Hertz)
  3. ENERGY (TINO 48 Hertz)
  4. BODY (Cerebral Amygdala 24 Hertz).

While these forces are intertwined, we examine them individually to maximize their transformative potential.

If any of these forces are not in their best shape, if you have neglected them, or maintain a conflicted relationship with any of them, moving forward can become a challenge.

Once we identify the strengths and areas for improvement in these 4 forces, we analyze how each one influences the 6 fundamental relationships in our lives.

These spaces represent our interactions with others, where power is not only internal but also involves external relationships:

✔️ Romantic Relationships
✔️ Work
✔️ Finances
✔️ Family
✔️ Friendship
✔️ Personal Development

Subsequently, we outline a personalized plan based on this detailed analysis, providing you with models, strategies, tools, and concrete coaching guides to achieve tangible results in the short term, direct your long term, and have life evidence. You don’t need people to speak well of you; your evidence will do it.

Would you like to apply this approach to your life? Join one of my three-day retreats or sign up for Coaching Wednesdays.

Thank you for reading.
Dr. Roch.


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