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Achieve It Regardless of Your Age

Por: Dr. Roch, El 3 octubre, 2023

Your accomplishments are evidence of your effort, regardless of how long it took you to achieve them.

Do you agree?

Don’t let the timelines of “success” imposed by others discourage you…

We live in a society that imposes the idea that we must achieve certain milestones,

At specific points in our lives to be considered “successful.”

However, in reality, each of us has our own path and personal pace…

So, don’t fret if your journey to success seems to take longer than others,

And, above all, reflect on what success truly means to you.

Don’t let the apparent “quick” victories of others intimidate you.

Avoid comparisons and keep your focus on your goals, working tirelessly.

It doesn’t matter if you reach your goals tomorrow or in a year; what truly matters is reaching the destination YOU desire.

You have the power to make it happen!

A university degree earned in eight years instead of four is still a degree. And you can proudly say you’re a graduate even if it took you eight years to obtain it. I’ve personally had students at the age of 80 enrolling in the “Mastering Yourself” program because they understand that what you do for yourself has an impact on your family’s DNA. Moreover, an 80-year-old completing a master’s degree may be an even more powerful testimony than a young 26 or 27-year-old achieving the same.

Never forget that graduating at the age of 80 is still an accomplishment, regardless of your age.

Having the means to buy a Mercedes-Benz at the age of 70 is still a great achievement.

Don’t let society intimidate you with timelines of success in the life of a temporary human being.

Thank you for reading, stay here with me.
Dr. Roch


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