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What is a business-focused MasterMind?

IDEAL FOR: Directors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners

It's a cycle of meetings with other business leaders where the main goal is for each participant to share their experiences with the group to achieve collective growth, no matter what niche or purpose their business is.


What will you learn?

The MasterMind Group has one clear rule: All participants must receive value and solutions to their business problems to succeed.


1. Welcome and Individual Introductions

Each participant must raise, in less than 5 minutes, what is the main problem of their company.

2. Personalized analysis of each company.

What is happening in your company?
Ignorance as the most expensive factor in a company, when a manager does not know where they have to improve nor their reality, it becomes the highest expense.

3. Search for joint solutions based on raw reality.

Solutions will be sought and found as a team, based on the reality of each company.

4. Selection of general problems in the group.

The topics of greatest interest will be chosen, and a workflow will be exposed to land the solutions in search for results in the group, through feedback seen from raw reality.

5. Follow-up of the results of the proposed solution of each problem.

The results and evidence will be shared in the group to follow up through the E.B.E. methodology. (Evidence-Based Implementation).


The primary goal of MasterMind by Dr. Roch is for all members to build success in their businesses. They are guided by Dr. Roch and provide feedback to each other to achieve their management and business goals by developing skills not only of high management but of managing raw reality using the Thymus as an instrument to solve and improve their reality.


Dates for class of 2024

APRIL 25, 2024
JUNE 27, 2024
AUGUST 29, 2024
OCTOBER 31, 2024
DECEMBER 05, 2024
FEBRUARY 20, 2025

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De 10 AM a 3 PM

Sesiones de 4 horas diarias (1 hora de descanso)

  • 7 sesiones $ 115,000 USD
  • 3 sesiones $ 60,000 USD
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