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¡HOLA! PANAMA: A Professional Life Watcher


JOSÉ GERARDO GONZÁLEZ ROCHA, better known as Dr. Roch, is a man of many facets. One of those who always has a project up his sleeve. A specialist in looking at people's lives rather than listening to them, he is a firm believer that there are no happy couples or successful companies. "There are happy people who live as a couple and successful people who work in a company and make it successful," he says.

He is a passionate man who finds inspiration in professional magic, music, theater, ventriloquism and public speaking, not to mention one of his greatest interests: drawing cartoons. A lover of human behavior, he has dedicated himself to discovering and developing the talents of those who seek his services, focusing on creativity, innovation, leadership, team building and magic in sales.

"I am a person who is made by his choices, provoked by his reading of the reality of each day". This is how this Mexican defines himself, who shared a virtual coffee with ¡HOLA!.

What do you consider to be the driving force in your life?
– The reality I live in and the people I live with every day. I believe that God speaks to us in reality and He speaks even if you don't ask Him and even if you don't want to listen. When I am left alone, I discover what I am and what I have become with my actions and decisions and what I provoke.

- What inspires you?
- Many things and actions. I am always amazed. Maybe because I'm a kid in an adult's body with a credit card to spend.

- How do you manage your time?
- As reality demands of me. I read my reality and surrender to it. I live in the present day, week and month. I enjoy each daily experience intensely. I am aware of my age, my health, my body and my mind. This makes me change my activity and rest while I work and live awake. For me, resting does not mean doing nothing, but changing activities to optimize the use of my time.

- What celebrities do you work with?
- I would have to withhold their names, but I have worked with actors, singers, artists, politicians, business people, top athletes, and football players.

- Who is your family?
- My wife and four children. Thank God both my parents are alive and I have 6 siblings; one has already passed away.

- What do you do to get away from it all?
- I run in the morning and change activities when I feel tired; I sleep as much as I can; I hug people, listen to music, and go for walks or walk my dog.

- What do you like to do on the weekends?
- To be with my family and friends and their families.

- Are you the kind of guy who likes to cook?
– I suck in the kitchen! My wife chases me out of the kitchen. But I like to eat anything. I love fried tuna, enchiladas, pork leg sandwiches, Tampico steak and garlic fish.


(2016). News Cocktail. José Gerardo González Rocha: A professional life watcher. ¡HOLA! Panama, No. 29, p. 56.


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