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Returns and Cancellations



No returns are accepted if they do not comply with the return policies established in this document.

No return is accepted without prior authorization from the Sales Administration or General Management.

Returns of a special nature or amounts greater than $ 5,000 mxn, are authorized only by the General Management.

Returns are received from customers, based on the terms established and approved by the General Management in the tenders awarded.

Shipping returns and freight costs are borne by the customer, except for returns generated by Dr. Roch’s error.

Returns caused by error in Dr. Roch or products received by the client in inadequate conditions, once it is shown that their condition is due to poor handling by the transporter, are accepted as long as the client notifies, maximum up to 72 hours after receiving the order.

All products received for returns must come in their original packaging, with the complete content.

Returns are received as long as the products or services have been purchased directly from Dr. Roch.

No returns are received directly from customers, if notice has not been given to the Sales Administration and consequently to the General Management in the aforementioned cases.

The units returned for quality defects and in which said condition is evidenced, will be reimbursed to the customer.

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