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Educating children, youth, and adults is the strength and wealth of workers and society.

I hope this article will be deposited in your conscience and your Thymus.

Japan formalizes its NEW EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM.

Of course, this is not relevant news for countries and cultures that are not thinking about progress or wealth, let alone their people’s mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The old Japanese education system was already excellent. And this one is so revolutionary that it trains children as “citizens of the world,” not just as Japanese.

A revolutionary pilot scheme called “Courageous Change” (Futoji no Henko), based on the Erasmus, Grundtvig, Monnet, Ashoka, and Comenius education programs, is being tested in Japan.

Futoji no Henko is a Japanese concept with a powerful meaning: “change your stance.” This concept encourages people to take charge of their lives and make changes proactively.

It involves taking responsibility for oneself and making conscious decisions to improve one’s life and overall well-being.

You can use Futoji no Henko to create positive changes, such as improving your physical health, developing a healthier lifestyle, or achieving financial independence. The key is to recognize that you have the power to make these changes and act accordingly.

It is a conceptual change. Students will understand and accept different cultures; their horizons will be global, not national. The 12-year program is based on the following concepts:

– Zero filler subjects.

– Zero homework.

– And it has only five subjects, which are:

1. Business Arithmetic.

Basic operations and use of financial calculators.

2. Reading.

They begin by reading one page daily from a book of each child’s choice and reading one weekly book.

3. Citizenship.

It is understood as total respect for the laws, civil courage, ethics, respect for the rules of coexistence and tolerance, altruism, and respect for ecology and the environment.

4. Information Technology.

Office, Internet, social networks, and online business.

5. Languages.

4 or 5 alphabets, cultures, and religions, including Japanese, Latin American, English, German, Chinese, Arabic, etc., with socializing exchange visits to families in each country during the summer.

What will be the outcome of this program?

Futoji no Henko can help you transform your life by giving you the confidence and motivation to make positive changes. When you embrace this concept, it gives you the courage and strength to take risks, abandon old habits and create new ones.

You can also use it as a reminder to focus on the big picture and keep moving toward your goals. By committing to this concept, you will become more aware of how your actions affect others and yourself.

It will help you become more aware of how you communicate with others and respond to situations in your life. With this change in mindset, you will begin to make better decisions that will ultimately lead to greater satisfaction in life.

Some of the specific benefits of Futoji no Henko include:

– Improved mental and physical health

– Increased happiness and life satisfaction

– Improved relationships with others

– Greater success in all areas of life

– A more positive outlook on life.

Our children will compete against them! And who are our children?

•  Kids who know more about the gossip of fashionable show business know and learn the names and lives of famous artists but nothing about history, literature, or mathematics.

•  Kids who speak only Spanish, more or less, who have terrible spelling. Kids who hate reading books. Those who don’t know how to do sums are experts at “cheating” during exams and flouting the rules in the eyes of parents and educators.

•  Kids who spend more time watching and learning useless things on the Internet and television; obsessed with “soccer” idols instead of studying or reading; almost without understanding what they read, and therefore value, from their lying mind, that a soccer player is superior to a scientist; that an actor or singer is more valuable than a businessman.

• Kids who are so-called homo-videos, as they are not properly socialized, are kidnapped, zombies of iPhone and Android, tablets, skateboarding, Facebook, Instagram, and chats.

They only talk about the same theoretical and cheap ideas I mentioned before or with computer games, in apparent isolation, that we know as cybernetic autism.

 And that attempts against their self-esteem, which is the basis of the inner growth of the Thymus and of a person who is strengthened in the face of the adversity of the natural environment.

There is in our current education a lack of autonomy, a lack of respect for parents or others, and also a lack of interest and care for the environment, solidarity, and culture.

Another problem of this education that feeds the mind that lies is that it promotes lousy selfishness, leaving a blind society and, above all, with members in emotional, psychological, and spiritual crisis (the Thymus).

I believe we have a lot of work to do.

Let’s adopt the Futoji no Henko system to achieve our goals and improve our lives.

Thank you for reading.

Share it if you consider it of value.

And if you want to be productive, wealthy, healthy, and a strong and fulfilled person in the modern age, don’t stop feeding your inner self.

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